Weekly challenge 6: Document design work and search for jobs – Shuffle Q/A 1

21. Imagine a designer finishes their prototype in Adobe XD. It includes client content that is protected under a non-disclosure agreement. They want to share it with developers. Should the designer set permissions so that anyone with a link can access the prototype?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Maybe.

22. A designer finishes a final prototype of a bakery website in Adobe XD, and wants to share their work with the development team. Before they publish the prototype on the cloud, they name the file. Which of the following example file names reflects best practices?

  • BakerySite-Version-Final
  • Bakery-To-Test
  • Site-To-Test-FINAL
  • Site-For-Review

23. Fill in the blank: A _____ typically includes a project’s goal and objectives, a designer’s role in the project, the process the design team followed, and the project outcome.

  • design portfolio
  • hi-fi prototype
  • project summary
  • case study

24. Imagine a designer finishes a client project and wants to write a case study. They draft a case study that highlights their sketches, wireframes, and polished designs. Should they also include a description of the project and its goals?

  • Yes. This is critical information. They should also include information about the target user, research conducted, and learnings during the design process.
  • No. This is unnecessary information. The case study should focus on the designer’s product, including the sketches, wireframes, and polished designs.
  • Sometimes. This can be helpful information to provide context. Studies should only include detailed descriptions when they compliment the designs.

25. Fill in the blank: An ideal case study is presented _____.

  • in a concise and engaging way
  • with a focus on industry trends
  • with short descriptions, rather than images
  • in a simple, animated deck or video

26. Should you only include case studies from your work as a professional UX designer in your design portfolio and remove any produced in an educational setting?

  • Yes. Case studies should present designs that you have completed for companies or clients in your professional work.
  • No. You should include case studies that represent your best design work. Case studies do not necessarily need to present work from projects with clients and companies.
  • Maybe. Case studies should present designs that you have completed for companies or clients in your professional work, but only if these projects went as planned.

27. Fill in the blank: When creating a case study, critical pieces include the designer’s role in the project, the goal of the project, and the sketches and wireframes. Most importantly, the case study should include _____.

  • key challenges encountered
  • the designer’s design experience
  • what the designer learned during the design process
  • the designer’s future plans for the project

28. Why are case studies important components in a design portfolio? Select all that apply.

  • They demonstrate your design knowledge.
  • They demonstrate your ability to work through a project quickly.
  • They demonstrate your ability to see an idea from start to finish.
  • They demonstrate your willingness to collaborate with a team.

Shuffle Q/A 2

29. Fill in the blank: In Adobe XD, you can choose the type of file you want to share with viewers under the _____ menu.

  • Design Review
  • Link Access
  • Viewer Settings
  • View Settings

30. If you share highly sensitive material in Adobe XD that requires heightened security, what type of access permission should you select?

  • Only Invited People
  • Only User Testing
  • Anyone With The Link
  • Anyone With Password

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