Week 1 – Introduction To Project Execution – Shuffle Q/A 1

14. A stakeholder wants you to create a chart with a granular breakdown of each task and the time remaining to complete the tasks. What type of chart can you present to them?

  • Gantt chart
  • Project status report
  • Burndown chart
  • Roadmap

15. A burndown chart tracks time and amount of remaining tasks. What data is typically represented on the graph's X-axis, the horizontal axis?

  • Remaining time on the project
  • Remaining tasks on the project
  • Calculation of the sum of tasks
  • Assigned roles for the project

16. A software company builds an application to track employee satisfaction. The client wants to add three new features to the homepage of the application. Which of the triple constraints does this change impact the most?

  • Timeline
  • Scope
  • Budget

17. Which of the following methods can be used to communicate change to stakeholders during a project? Select all that apply.

  • Change request form
  • Project charter
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Escalation email

18. What should a project manager do first in order to incorporate dependency management into a project effectively?

  • Schedule regular meetings with the team members
  • Create a risk register for the dependencies
  • Identify all possible dependencies and categorize them
  • Communicate updates with stakeholders

19. Imagine that a project manager creates a matrix with two variables: risk impact and probability. They use the matrix to measure potential future losses to a project resulting from specific activities or events. What is the project manager trying to determine?

  • Risk management
  • Risk dependencies
  • Risk exposure
  • Risk appetite

20. Three team members on your project cannot agree on an implementation for a key task. How can you ensure a decision is made in time?

  • Adjust the timeline for the project due to the delay
  • Escalate the question to leadership for feedback
  • Make a guess to the best of your knowledge and implement
  • Give the team members more time to make a decision

21. How can escalation benefit a project? Select all that apply.

  • Makes external dependencies trackable
  • Speeds up decision-making
  • Provides checks and balances
  • Encourages team participation

22. Imagine you are managing a project that hits a major milestone early, putting the team ahead of schedule. This alters the project plan’s original course of action. What is the name for this type of event?

  • A risk
  • A deviation
  • An issue
  • A reset

23. What should project managers track to ensure the team meets deadlines?

  • Track costs to avoid over- or under-spending on project activities.
  • Track stakeholder engagement to ensure they are aligned on project goals.
  • Track tasks as they progress and as the project approaches key milestones.
  • Track project successes and celebrate achievements with the team.

24. Which tracking method is most useful when project managers need a way to track big milestones in a project?

  • Gantt chart
  • Project status report
  • Roadmap
  • Burndown chart

Shuffle Q/A 2

25. Imagine that a client wants to add an auction of donated items to a fundraising event. The project manager is currently executing the project for a dinner and short concert. Which of the triple constraints does this change impact the most?

  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Scope

26. You brainstorm with your team members to identify and list the events that might delay the project. What type of document are you creating in this scenario?

  • Impact Matrix
  • Risk register
  • Task List
  • Risk Matrix

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