Practice Quiz: For Loops

6. How are while loops and for loops different in Python?

  • While loops can be used with all data types, for loops can only be used with numbers.
  • For loops can be nested, but while loops can’t.
  • While loops iterate while a condition is true, for loops iterate through a sequence of elements.
  • While loops can be interrupted using break, for loops using continue.

7. Which option would fix this for loop to print the numbers 12, 18, 24, 30, 36?

for n in range(6,18,3):

  • for n in range(6,18,3):
  • for n in range(6,18+1,3):
  • for n in range(12,36,6):
  • for n in range(0,36+1,6):

8. Which for loops will print all even numbers from 0 to 18? Select all that apply.

  • for n in range(19):
    if n % 2 == 0:
  • for n in range(18+1):
  • for n in range(0,18+1,2):
  • for n in range(10):

9. Fill in the blanks so that the for loop will print the first 10 cube numbers (x**3) in a range that starts with x=1 and ends with x=10.

for __ in range(__,__):

  • for x in range(1,11):

10. Write a for loop with a three parameter range() function that prints the multiples of 7 between 0 and 100. Print one multiple per line and avoid printing any numbers that aren't multiples of 7. Remember that 0 is also a multiple of 7.

for ___:

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