Week 1 – Introduction to satisfaction guaranteed: develop customer loyalty online – Shuffle Q/A 4

49. A digital marketer uses post-purchase communication to build relationships with existing customers. Why would they consider sending post-purchase emails to reach these customers?

  • It increases the likelihood that customers experience buyer’s remorse
  • It allows the business to charge more than its competitors
  • It increases the amount customers will spend on their next purchase
  • It helps customers feel like they made the right purchasing decision

50. As an e-commerce marketer, you gain customer loyalty by first building their trust. What can you do to build trust with your customers?

  • Remove them from email lists after they make a purchase.
  • Maintain a strict returns and exchanges policy.
  • Keep their information confidential and secure.
  • Share their information with relevant businesses.

51. As a digital marketer, you tailor your rewards program to each customer. Which of the following tactics can you use to help personalize the rewards program?

  • Offer a small percentage off the next purchase
  • Use the customer’s name when they reach a minimum order value
  • Provide incentives based on the customer’s shopping habits
  • Create a community with random members

52. As a digital marketer, you offer a spend-based rewards program to incentivize customers to purchase from a brand. What incentive could you use for a spend-based rewards program?

  • “Earn one point for every dollar you spend”
  • “Reach the gold tier if you spend above $200”
  • “Same-day delivery when you pay the annual fee”
  • “Free shipping on all purchases over $100”

53. As a digital marketer, you create a survey to understand customer needs and interests. You have learned that instead of asking leading questions, you should ask open-ended questions. Which of the following is an open-ended question you could ask?

  • You are satisfied with our service, right?
  • When will you buy from us again?
  • How was your shopping experience with us?
  • How many people have you recommended our business to?

54. A digital marketer creates a survey to determine who their customers are and what they are shopping for. They ask, “Which of our products are you most interested in?”. What type of question is this an example of?

  • A brand advertising survey question
  • An event promotional survey question
  • A pre-purchase survey question
  • A post-purchase survey question

55. What does a multi-channel customer service approach enable businesses to do?

  • Refer customers to the FAQ page before taking further action
  • Assist customers on the platform of their choice
  • Save money and delay response times
  • Use a single platform to deliver multiple services

56. A marketer creates a Net Promoter ScoreⓇ (NPS) survey and sends it to a business’s customers. What did they determine from the survey responses?

  • How likely customers are to write a review
  • How satisfied customers are with their prices
  • How many customers subscribe to their newsletter
  • How loyal customers are to the business

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