Week 4 – Engage customers with an online store – Shuffle Q/A 4

49. Why do customers typically abandon their carts during the checkout process?

  • They are required to create an account
  • Affordable, popular, and useful products sell out quickly
  • The costs for shipping, taxes, and fees are too high
  • The website receives too much traffic

50. How can an e-commerce business reduce the number of abandoned carts on its website?

  • Include more steps in the checkout process
  • Offer faster delivery times
  • Maintain a strict returns policy
  • Include one payment option

51. An e-commerce company stores its inventory in a warehouse and uses custom packaging and labels before shipping orders to customers. Which type of order fulfillment is this?

  • Dropshipping
  • Fulfillment service
  • Custom order fulfillment
  • In-house order fulfillment

Devendra Kumar

Project Management Apprentice at Google

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