Weekly challenge 3: Explore design systems

12. Identify reasons a designer might want to use a sticker sheet during the design process. Select all that apply.

  • Help designers avoid making errors or creating inconsistencies in their designs
  • Generate scaled versions of the components that were created
  • Create a convenient, easy to print sheet to show to other designers
  • Organize components and elements in a central area for convenience, reusability, and efficiency

13. A design system can be useful to many people in the company. Which of the following groups are likely to use a design system? Select all that apply.

  • Content writers
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Users

14. What are some elements that frequently make up a design system? Select all that apply.

  • Animation
  • Iconography
  • Wireframes
  • Typography

15. Fill in the blank: If a design team is working on multiple projects all at the same time, a design system creates _____ and helps the design team align.

  • consistency
  • user interest
  • scalabilityuser
  • conversions

16. In the Material Design system, are the icons in the Material Icon Library available for anyone to use in their designs?

  • Yes, they are open source and free to use
  • No, they are for educational purposes only
  • Maybe, it depends on the number of icons required

17. At what point of the design process is a sticker sheet useful?

  • Before any design decisions like color palette or typography are made
  • During the user research phase
  • When designers are working on mockups
  • Once final designs are completed and delivered

18. A designer needs to change all the buttons in a design to have rounded corners. What is the fastest way for them to make this update?

  • Go through the designs and update each button individually.
  • Pass the task on to the developer, since the change needs to be made on so many buttons.
  • Select all the artboards at once and adjust the corners with everything selected.
  • Update all the button instances by updating the main button on the sticker sheet.

19. Fill in the blank: A component is made up of _____ like text color and shape.

  • stickers
  • elements
  • pieces
  • UI

20. Which feature in Material Design communicates a change in a component?

  • States
  • Statuses
  • Elevations
  • Themes

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21. A brand establishes a design system to quickly iterate across teams. Which section of a design system outlines the specifications for modules and templates?

  • UI patterns
  • Visual style
  • Support code
  • Guidelines

22. What are some key benefits of using a design system? Select all that apply.

  • Saves time and money by increasing efficiency
  • Identifies gaps in competitor designs
  • Incorporates user’s feedback early
  • Reinforces a company’s brand identity

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