Week 3 – Prepare for jobs in digital marketing and e-commerce – Shuffle Q/A 4

49. A marketer focuses on one aspect of digital marketing, specifically email marketing. What marketing role does this best describe?

  • A generalist role
  • An executive role
  • A specialist role
  • A freelancer role

50. What typically makes a follow-up interview different from a preliminary interview?

  • More fast paced, informal, and features team members
  • More in-depth, informal, and features a recruiter
  • More fast paced, formal, and features a recruiter
  • More in-depth, formal, and features team members

51. Before an interview, you visit LinkedIn to learn more about the interviewer and their background. What else can you do to learn more about the interviewer?

  • Find someone in a similar role and assume the same about the interviewer
  • Send the interviewer a list of questions
  • Visit the company’s website and About page
  • Find their profiles on non-work-related social media pages

Devendra Kumar

Project Management Apprentice at Google

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