Weekly challenge 6: Document design work and search for jobs – Shuffle Q/A 2

31. A designer wraps up a final prototype of a language learning app called LanguageLaunch in Adobe XD, and wants to share their work with the development team. Before they publish the prototype on the cloud, they name the file: LanguageLaunch-Version-Final. Does this file name reflect best practices?

  • Yes. A file name should include the project name and version.
  • No. A file name must include the date of delivery, the designer’s name, and the version number.
  • Maybe. A file name can reflect the designer’s preferences, which vary designer to designer.

32. A designer finishes a client project. They draft a case study that includes the target user, the research they conducted, and what they learned during the design process. Should they also include their sketches, wireframes, and polished designs?

  • Yes. This is critical information. They should also include a description of the project and its goals.
  • No. This is unnecessary information. The case study should focus on the designer’s research and findings rather than the visuals.
  • Sometimes. This can be helpful, but it’s also potentially distracting for a reviewer.

33. When applying for UX design jobs, it is important to include which of the following materials in your application? Select all that apply.

  • Headshot
  • Resume
  • Case studies
  • Portfolio

34. Fill in the blank: Case studies are the major components of a portfolio because they are a _____.

  • view of a design challenge
  • visual demonstration of your design knowledge
  • reflection of how a company implements a design system
  • representation of a company’s design goals

35. What role do developers play in creating a usable product?

  • They make interactive the low-fi mockups that UX designers hand off
  • They make stable the preliminary code that UX designers compile
  • They make accessible the feature updates that UX researchers recommend
  • They make functional the designs and features that UX designers create

36. A designer finishes a client project. They draft a case study that describes the research conducted and research findings, key challenges or constraints the designer faced, and learnings during the design process. They also add sketches and wireframes, and their polished designs. What critical components are missing from the case study? Select all that apply.

  • The goal of the project
  • The target user
  • The designer’s role in the project
  • The designer’s thoughts on how the design could be improved

37. When assembling your portfolio, will each case study cover a single project?

  • Yes, each design project will have its own case study
  • No, a case study can cover multiple, similar projects
  • Maybe, that is a decision every designer will make on their own

38. A design team completes their high-fidelity prototype of a responsive website. Before they hand off designs to the engineering team, they need to confirm that the designs are final. What questions should they answer before handing off the designs? Select all that apply.

  • Are the designs a true representation of the intended user experience?
  • Are users able to interact with and interpret the designs without external guidance?
  • Have the engineers written code for the website’s architecture and data storage?
  • Have placeholder text, icons, and imagery been replaced with finalized assets?

Shuffle Q/A 3

39. What does a back-end developer do?

  • Writes code for the user-facing interfaces
  • Designs and tests user-facing interfaces
  • Writes code for the website’s architecture and data storage
  • Outlines code based on design specifications

40. Fill in the blank: In Adobe XD, you can upload to the cloud from the _____ panel.

  • upload
  • file
  • design
  • assets

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