Weekly challenge 6: Document design work and search for jobs – Shuffle Q/A 3

41. A designer completes a final prototype of a recipe journal app in Adobe XD, and wants to share their work with the development team. Before they publish the prototype on the cloud, they name the file: RecipeApp-Please-Review. Does this file name reflect best practices?

  • Yes. A file name should include what action needs to be taken.
  • No. A file name should include the project name and version.
  • Maybe. A file name can reflect the designer’s preferences, which vary designer to designer.

42. Imagine a designer finishes a client project and wants to write a case study. They draft a case study that describes their role in the project, the goal of the project, and the target user. They also add sketches and wireframes, and their polished designs. What critical components are missing from the case study? Select all that apply.

  • The key challenges or constraints the designer faced
  • The research conducted and research findings
  • The designer’s thoughts on how the design could be improved
  • The designer’s learnings during the design process

43. Imagine a recruiter has requested that you share your portfolio for consideration in a newly created role. You want to include some case studies from past projects but need to finalize them before adding them to the portfolio. What should you consider to ensure the case studies are well presented?

  • Case studies should include detailed, video walkthroughs of the design project.
  • Case studies should be detailed and extensive.
  • Case studies should include just your polished designs.
  • Case studies should be visually appealing and easy to skim.

44. Which of the following is a summarized presentation of a design project?

  • Cover letter
  • Portfolio
  • Prototype
  • Case study

45. Fill in the blank: A case study needs to tell recruiters what they need to know _____.

  • with short descriptions, rather than images
  • while highlighting key industry trends
  • as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • in a simple, animated deck or video

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