Week 4 – Verify and report on your cleaning results – Shuffle Q/A 1

11. A data analyst is checking for errors in a dataset. They want to determine how many times the name of a country is in the dataset using a pivot table. What function can they use to find this count?

  • CASE

12. You’re writing the below SQL query and need to change “World Wide Web” to “www”. What function would you use to accomplish this task?


WHEN ‘World Wide Web’ THEN ‘www’

END AS some_column



  • THEN
  • CASE
  • ELSE
  • WHEN

13. What should a data analyst actively track throughout the data cleaning process?

  • Additions, changes, and queries
  • Errors, deletions, and notes
  • Changes, resolutions, and deletions
  • Errors, additions, and deletions

14. A data analyst is in the verification process and needs to verify the modifications that they have made to the data. What could the analyst reference to find the changes they made throughout data cleaning?

  • Changelog
  • Notepad
  • Spreadsheet
  • Metadata

15. A data analyst commits a query to the repository as a new and improved query. Then, they specify the changes they made and why they made them. This scenario is part of what process?

  • Reporting data
  • Visualizing data
  • Communicating with stakeholders
  • Creating a changelog

16. The data collected for an analysis project has just been cleaned. What are the next steps for a data analyst? Select all that apply.

  • Reporting
  • Certification
  • Validation
  • Verification

17. As a data analyst, you will need to keep the big picture in mind throughout any project when verifying data cleaning. What must the analyst do to take a big picture view of the project? Select all that apply.

  • Consider the data
  • Consider the goal
  • Consider the business problem
  • Consider the reporting

18. During the verification process, you find that you missed a few leading spaces during data cleaning. What function can you use to eliminate these spaces?

  • TRIM
  • TIDY
  • CUT
  • CROP

Shuffle Q/A 2

19. Which SQL tool considers one or more conditions, then returns a value as soon as a condition is met?

  • THEN
  • WHEN
  • CASE
  • ELSE

20. Fill in the blank: Documentation is the process of tracking _____ during data cleaning. Select all that apply.

  • additions
  • deletions
  • changes
  • inactivity

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