Test your knowledge of typography

22. A _____ is the size, thickness, and emphasis of letters.

  • font
  • serif
  • typeface
  • sans serif

23. Which of the following is an example of a typeface name?

  • Heading
  • Normal
  • Arial
  • Underline

24. You want to include a serif typeface for an upcoming design project. Which of the following font families work best for the design?

green letter A with sans serif typeface


blue letter A with sans serif typeface


orange letter a with serif typeface


Red letter a with sans serif typeface

25. What are the benefits of good typography? Select all that apply.

  • Typography demonstrates brand guidelines.
  • Typography makes text easier to read.
  • Typography adds hierarchy to help readers navigate a page better.
  • Typography limits wasted text space.

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