Week 5 – Organizing Communication And Documentation – Shuffle Q/A 1

13. Which of the following actions demonstrates an effective strategy to allow stakeholders and team members to find relevant information in a project?

  • Allow team members to send links to stakeholders as they add new ones.
  • Create a section in a communication plan for links to relevant documents.
  • Send an email with the resource links to stakeholders for each resource.
  • Have one team member be responsible for maintaining the links for the project.

14. As a project manager, you decide to hold video conferences with your core project team and stakeholders as part of your communication plan. What additional details should the communication plan include? Select all that apply.

  • Key dates
  • Resource locations
  • Location
  • Duration

15. You prepare a template for a weekly email for stakeholders with some key launch dates and announcements for the project. How can you ensure stakeholders can easily notice the information?

  • Highlight and bold the information the stakeholder should focus on.
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting with the stakeholders to review the email.
  • Keep the key launch dates and announcements together for better clarity.
  • Create a follow-up email to be sent a day later with just the important information.

16. One of the items in the project communication plan is to give formal in-person presentations every quarter. Which group should these presentations target?

  • Marketing team
  • Project vendors
  • Core team
  • Key stakeholders

17. What is the typical communication plan for key stakeholders in a project?

  • Daily check-ins scheduled with task updates
  • Backlog discussion sessions to review tasks
  • Monthly emails with a status update overview
  • Launch prep schedule every six weeks

18. What best practice should you consider when you share project documentation among stakeholders and team members?

  • Share project details on a need-to-know basis
  • Share details of the project whenever a team member asks for it
  • Make sure all stakeholders have access to the data in the project
  • Make sure all team members have access to the data in the project

19. A project manager creates a centralized planning document. They create an overview sheet with the project description and communication expectations. What is another piece of information they can include in the overview sheet?

  • Instructions for how to use the RACI chart
  • Goals for how many emails to send to stakeholders
  • Instructions for how to use the spreadsheet
  • Goals on how many daily check-ins for project

20. Which of the following categories are part of a communication plan?

  • Communication type
  • Recipients
  • Key dates
  • Communication style

21. As a project manager, part of your communication plan is to have an in-person meeting with team members. What additional details should the communication plan include? Select all that apply.

  • Goal
  • Frequency
  • Type of communication
  • Location

22. What are the key benefits of a communication plan? Select all that apply.

  • Improves overall effectiveness of communication
  • Involves stakeholders in effective conversations
  • Keeps people engaged and motivated throughout the project
  • Provides guidance on technical project terms

Shuffle Q/A 2

23. Which of the following communication methods are most appropriate for core project team members? Select all that apply.

  • Formal presentations to explain project deliverables
  • Quick virtual check-ins to answer questions
  • Department newsletters on current projects
  • Daily meetings to report on project progress

24. Which of the following are best practices for concise emails? Select all that apply.

  • Include as much detail about a situation as possible
  • Write in one long paragraph to save space
  • Lead with key points and action items
  • Add a note at the top that some details may not be relevant to certain recipients

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