Week 5 – Organizing Communication And Documentation – Shuffle Q/A 2

25. What document acts as a quick reference guide to help team members find files they frequently access in one place?

  • A centralized planning document
  • A project proposal
  • A risk management plan
  • A project charter

26. As a project manager, you create a communication plan for a project. You need to identify potential barriers. Which of the following questions should you ask to identify a potential barrier?

  • Will the stakeholders like the project team members?
  • How was the project RACI chart created?
  • Are there any privacy or internet access issues?
  • Will daily check-ins be required?

27. What should a project manager consider when writing a new email message for team members about project updates?

  • Add a note to the message to not share any of the data.
  • Assume the message will be delivered to everyone in the company.
  • Include all team members working on the project in the communication.
  • Assume not all of the recipients will read the message.

28. How can a project manager evaluate which parts of a project communication plan are over-sharing or under-sharing information? Select all that apply.

  • Convert daily-check ins to feedback reviews to save time on the project.
  • Ask team members if other team members have mentioned anything.
  • Create anonymous feedback surveys for stakeholders and team members.
  • Have one-on-one conversations with stakeholders and team members.

29. As a project manager, you write a communication plan for your new project. You include monthly email check-ins that review a high-level summary of project updates. What group should receive this type of communication?

  • Whole company
  • Key stakeholders
  • Project managers
  • Core team members

30. In a project communication plan, what are the goals of daily check-ins with core team members?

  • Project managers can set new milestones for the project.
  • Project managers can communicate with stakeholders on progress.
  • Team members can see who completed the most tasks.
  • Team members can give progress updates and blockers on tasks.

31. Fill in the blank: Documenting and organizing plans provides visibility for project team members and _____ for task owners.

  • authority
  • feedback
  • supervision
  • accountability

32. Which of the following should project managers identify before creating a communication plan? Select all that apply.

  • Project stakeholders
  • Project risks
  • Communication methods
  • Communication goals

33. Fill in the blank: To be effective, your team _____ need to be clear, honest, relevant, and frequent.

  • documents
  • communications
  • expectations
  • debates

34. A project communication plan organizes and documents the processes and types of communication for a project. What else can a plan include?

  • Expectation of stakeholders
  • Roles of each team member
  • Budget of each task
  • Expectations of communication

Shuffle Q/A 3

35. Fill in the blank: Scheduling routine _____ will help you understand what is and is not working in your communication plan.

  • department reviews
  • presentations
  • check-ins
  • milestones

36. As a project manager, how can you optimize and streamline project communications?

  • Be the only person who communicates with teams about the project
  • Only use one communication method with all teams
  • Create a static communication plan for the team
  • Send team members a survey asking about improvements to communication

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