Week 5 – Organizing Communication And Documentation – Shuffle Q/A 3

37. You create a project communication plan for a busy executive who needs high-level updates on the project. What type of communication would you create for this executive?

  • A email that outlines the roles of each team member and stakeholder
  • A newsletter email outlining key milestones and project progress
  • An email that contains a list of all the completed tasks
  • Daily meetings that the stakeholder is required to attend

38. A project manager has created documentation that includes information that does not need to be accessible to all team members. How can you ensure the documentation is accessible to the right people?

  • Give everyone a summary of the relevant information and the details of the project
  • Give everyone the same access level since they are on the project and share the all important resources
  • Summarize only the relative information for those who need to keep informed and require them to request access to confidential information
  • Meet with every person on the project team to check if they need access

39. Fill in the blank: Project managers should identify project stakeholders, communication methods, communication goals, and communication _____ before creating a communication plan.

  • risks
  • consequences
  • frequency
  • costs

40. Fill in the blank: Daily meetings and quick virtual check-ins are good ways for project managers to communicate with _____.

  • key stakeholders
  • project customers
  • senior management
  • core team members

41. In project documentation, what is the purpose of a shared file drive? Select all that apply.

  • Team members can store multiple files in one place.
  • Project stakeholders can use them for project proposals.
  • Team members can have accountability for items in the folder.
  • Project stakeholders can use them for team reviews.

42. As a project manager, you have a weekly video conference with stakeholders as part of your communication plan. What additional details should the communication plan include? Select all that apply.

  • Duration
  • Goal
  • Key dates
  • Location

43. How can a project manager use a RACI chart and stakeholder map when creating a project communication plan?

  • To assess which stakeholder would be able to respond fastest to emails
  • To determine the issues that could come up during the plan
  • To determine what type of communication is best for the team members
  • To assess the frequency of the communication method to each team member

44. Which of the following tools can help organize project plans and documents? Select all that apply.

  • A centralized planning document
  • An overview sheet (dashboard)
  • A shared file drive
  • A RACI chart

45. The project manager has identified the key stakeholders, barriers, and communication methods in a project. What is the final piece they must determine before creating the communication plan?

  • Timesheets
  • Goals
  • Budget
  • Project tasks

46. Which of the following communication methods is most appropriate for high-level stakeholders who don’t need detailed project updates?

  • Newsletters that summarize key milestones and project progress
  • Virtual check-in meetings to share task progress
  • Frequent status update meetings to report project issues
  • Weekly emails with team action items

Shuffle Q/A 4

47. Which tools can help determine the best type of communication for those involved with the project? Select all that apply.

  • Stakeholder map
  • Project charter
  • Risk register
  • RACI chart

48. As a project manager, you work on a project that involves several teams, including testing, engineering, and program management. How can you ensure documentation is created and maintained effectively for each team?

  • Use emails between the teams to keep track of the resources for the project
  • Store the plans and reports for each team in one centralized location or folder
  • Store the project plans and reports for all teams in one shared folder
  • Ask the team members of the team to maintain the documentation

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