The Transport and Application Layer

11. The transport layer handles multiplexing and demultiplexing through what type of device?

  • Switches
  • Hubs
  • Routers
  • Ports


12. Which field in the TCP header provides the information for the receiving network device to understand where the actual data payload begins?

  • Checksum
  • Data offset
  • Acknowledgement number
  • Sequence number


13. A device involved in a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connection is ready to close the connection. The other device in the connection agrees. What has occurred?

  • Two-way handshake
  • Three-way handshake
  • Handshake
  • Four-way handshake


14. If a TCP socket is ready and listening for incoming connections, it's in the ______ state.



15. A communication sent through Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) arrives out of order. What allows the data to be put back together in the correct order?

  • Acknowledgement number
  • Sequence numbers
  • Checksum
  • Preamble


16. In the OSI network model, the ________ is responsible for facilitating the communication between actual applications and the transport layer.

  • session layer
  • application layer
  • physical layer
  • presentation layer


17. You are sending a very small amount of information that you need the listening program to respond to immediately. Which Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) flag will be used?

  • ACK
  • RST
  • PSH
  • URG


18. What layer of the TCP/IP Five-Layer Network Model allows applications to communicate in a way they understand?

  • Data layer
  • User layer
  • Application layer
  • Transport layer


19. What port does the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) typically listen on?

  • 21
  • 80
  • 443
  • 25

20. A 32-bit number that's used to keep track of where you are in a sequence of TCP segments is known as a(n) ______ number.

  • TCP
  • address
  • sequence
  • acknowledgement


Shuffle Q/A 1

21. The concept of taking traffic that’s all aimed at the same node and delivering it to the proper receiving service is known as _________.

  • encapsulation
  • multiplexing
  • routing
  • demultiplexing

22. Which field in a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) header provides the next expected segment?

  • Checksum
  • Data offset
  • Sequence number
  • Acknowledgement number

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