Authorization and Accounting

14. What role does authorization play?

  • It determines whether or not an entity has access to a resource.
  • It verifies passwords.
  • It verifies an entity’s identity.
  • It provides strong encryption.

15. What does OAuth provide?

  • Confidentiality
  • Secure communications
  • Access delegation
  • Integrity

16. How is auditing related to accounting?

  • Accounting is reviewing records, while auditing is recording access and usage.
  • Accounting is recording access and usage, while auditing is reviewing these records.
  • They’re not related.
  • They’re the same thing.

17. What is an example of a screen lock method?

  • OS updates
  • Facial recognition
  • Device encryption
  • Firewalls

18. What is a common mobile device security threat?

  • SQL Injection
  • DDoS
  • Insecure Wi-Fi and “meddler-in-the-middle” attacks
  • Zero-day attacks

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