Software and Platform Services – Shuffle Q/A 2

39. You're the sole IT employee at your company. Your boss wants the company to migrate away from using the current, paid-for chat application and use something free. What options could you use? Select all that apply.

  • Emails
  • IRC
  • HTTP
  • Open IM Chat applications, like Pidgin or Adium

40. When installing software for your organization, who/what determines who can use the software and how to use, share, or modify the software?

  • A developer’s license agreement
  • International law
  • An IT support specialist
  • Company policy

41. When browsing a website, what is a quick way to know that the site is secure?

  • The URL begins with tls
  • The URL begins with http
  • The URL begins with https
  • The website has a banner that says it’s secure

42. Which statements are true about HTTPS and security protocols? Select all that apply.

  • HTTPS can be secured with Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS)
  • C: HTTPS is a secure version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol.
  • B: HTTPS can be secured with Secure Socket Layer protocol (SSL)
  • D: SSL is more secure than TLS

43. HTTP status codes are codes or numbers that indicate some sort of error or info message that occurred when trying to access a web resource. When a website is having issues on the client side, what number does the HTTP status code start with?

  • 6xx
  • 2xx
  • 5xx
  • 4xx

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