Software and Platform Services – Shuffle Q/A 1

27. Which of the following activities can users do on a properly configured file storage server?

  • Grant a digital certificate of trust
  • Modify shared files
  • Access a shared directory
  • Share files

28. You're the sole IT employee at your company. Most of the computers in your fleet are Windows machines. Your boss wants you to set up a network file storage. What file service should you use?

  • An NFS server
  • A Database server
  • Samba services
  • An HTTP server

29. Which printing language is device-dependent?

  • Ruby
  • A: PCL
  • PS
  • B: Python

30. An employee sets up Apache HTTP Server. They type in the browser to check that the content is there. What is the next step in the setup process?

  • Nothing, the web server setup is complete.
  • Assign a static IP address
  • Set up DNS so the server can be accessed through the Internet
  • Install CUPS

31. Where does customer information, such as news articles, videos, large amounts of text, images, or audio files, generally get stored for web services?

  • On a database
  • On a file transfer protocol (FTP) server
  • On the local machine only
  • On a web server

32. HTTP status codes are codes or numbers that indicate some sort of error or info message that occurred when trying to access a web resource. When an HTTP request is successful, what number does the HTTP status code start with?

  • 2xx
  • 4xx
  • 6xx

33. Which email protocol is capable of sending emails?

  • POP3
  • MX DNS
  • SMTP
  • IMAP

34. When a person inside your company is licensed to use software, what usually happens to their license if they leave the company?

  • The license can be transferred to someone else in the company.
  • The person takes the license with them.
  • A new license must be purchased by your company.
  • The license expires.

35. Which of the following security protocols is used to format and transfer web content.

  • C: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)
  • The Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS)
  • The Secure Socket Layer protocol (SSL)
  • The SMB protocol (Samba)

36. Company B is setting up commercial printing services on their network. Which of these are advantages of centrally managed commercial printers? Select all that apply.

  • Printers can be managed one at a time
  • Physically distant printers can be more easily managed
  • It provides a central interface to collect diagnostic reports, such as low toner levels
  • It allows the ability to deploy printer driver software so that your users can print from their computers

Shuffle Q/A 2

37. What is the main function of a database system?

  • Databases allow us to store, query, filter, and manage large amounts of data
  • D: Databases store and retrieve files over a network
  • A database is a physical server that stores web files and the HTTP server software
  • Databases are a way of securing communication between a web server and client

38. What’s the purpose of a file storage server?

  • To enable HTTPS
  • To centrally store files and manage access between files and groups
  • To manage files on a PC
  • To format disk partitions

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