Week 2 – Social media strategy, planning, and publishing – Shuffle Q/A 1

13. Fill in the blank: To help a company choose the right social media platform, they need to start by understanding _____.

  • the variety of advertisements on each platform
  • the diversity of the users
  • how different platforms work
  • costs associated with each platform

14. Which of the following are examples of entertaining content? Select all that apply.

  • Infographics
  • Rewards
  • Comics
  • Contests

15. Which of the following are examples of conversational content? Select all that apply.

  • Memes
  • Polls
  • Advice
  • FAQs

16. Why would a marketer post still images rather than videos on social media? Select all that apply.

  • They are more engaging.
  • They help to start a conversation.
  • They can be absorbed instantly.
  • They give an immediate impression of a brand.

17. Fill in the blank: For platforms with _____, posting multiple times a day gives a digital marketer the opportunity to reach their target audience in different time zones and at various points throughout their day.

  • linear feeds
  • chronological feeds
  • asynchronous feeds
  • intermittent feeds

18. What are the benefits of using a social media calendar? Select all that apply.

  • Schedule posts in advance
  • Generate engagement posts automatically
  • Organize content in a centralized location
  • Allow stakeholders to review or approve posts

19. A digital marketer decides which data to track and establishes a workflow and review process. What does this process refer to?

  • Reviewing former platforms
  • Developing social media assets
  • Developing a social media calendar
  • Reviewing expired user metrics

20. Which of the following are common social media marketing goals? Select all that apply.

  • Doubling last year’s quarterly sales plan
  • Increasing community engagement
  • Building brand awareness
  • Managing brand reputation

21. A marketer posts amusing and interesting memes that help audiences relate to a brand. What type of content is this?

  • Promotional content
  • Entertaining content
  • Conversational content
  • Inspirational content

22. Fill in the blank: _____ makes a company’s brand seem more authentic and reinforces their brand’s message, values, and vision.

  • Educational content
  • Promotional content
  • Inspirational content
  • Conversational content

Shuffle Q/A 2

23. A marketer suggests topics or viewpoints, then invites the audience to join the discussion on social media. What type of content is this?

  • Educational content
  • Conversational content
  • Promotional content
  • Entertaining content

24. Fill in the blank: _____ give social media users an immediate impression of a company’s brand.

  • GIFs
  • Polls
  • Images
  • Live video

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