Week 2 – Social media strategy, planning, and publishing – Shuffle Q/A 2

25. A digital marketer schedules posts in advance and organizes content in a centralized location. What tool enables them to do this?

  • An editable document
  • A shared media log
  • A social media calendar
  • A reviewable feed of all posts

26. Fill in the blank: By defining the goals of your social media campaign, you make yourself _____.

  • accountable for accomplishing them
  • likely to take risks
  • free from any responsibilities
  • appealing to your audience

27. What questions help to identify a target audience’s needs? Select all that apply.

  • What problems are customers struggling with?
  • How often do customers shop online?
  • What do customers do in their free time?
  • What issues do customers have that our products or services could help solve?

28. Why should a marketer consider how different platforms work when choosing a social media platform?

  • It helps them identify and align with the business goals
  • It helps them understand how to communicate on the platform
  • It helps them increase brand authority on social media
  • It helps them identify the product and services, and business type

29. A marketer posts viral videos and jokes for audiences to enjoy. This is an example of which type of content?

  • Educational content
  • Inspirational content
  • Promotional content
  • Entertaining content

30. A marketer creates social media posts that build trust in a brand and positions them as an industry leader. What type of content is this?

  • Viral content
  • Educational content
  • Promotional content
  • Entertaining content

31. What does promotional content enable marketers to do?

  • Appeal to people who are on a platform to enjoy themselves by helping them relate to the content and company
  • Build trust in a brand and position it as an industry leader with information and wisdom
  • Begin conversations with audiences by suggesting a topic or viewpoint, then inviting them to join
  • Highlight products and services with the intent of marketing them to current and new customers

32. Which of the following are examples of content formats for social media? Select all that apply.

  • Written posts
  • Discount codes
  • Polls
  • Links

33. Which of the following are true when determining the frequency and timing of your posts? Select all that apply.

  • Posting first thing in the morning is effective because people are generally active on their social media feeds.
  • Posting in the afternoon around lunchtime is not as effective because people tend to be busy at that time.
  • Posting frequency should occur regularly on some platforms but not all platforms.
  • Posting frequency should be informed by testing and analyzing your results and resources.

34. Which of the following do you require to create an entry in a social media calendar? Select all that apply.

  • Competitors
  • Platform
  • Written copy
  • Links to assets

Shuffle Q/A 3

35. A brand wants to increase its website traffic and gain customer insights. What kind of goals are these?

  • E-commerce marketing goals
  • Social media marketing goals
  • Virtual marketing goals
  • Print marketing goals

36. Which factors should a marketer consider when selecting social media platforms? Select all that apply.

  • The time of year
  • Overall business goals
  • The target audience
  • How different platforms work

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