12. What's the main purpose of writing a post-mortem?

  • To assign legal liability
  • To learn from mistakes and how to improve in the future
  • To assign blame for mistakes
  • To scare people into avoiding risky behavior

13. What should the timeline in a post-mortem include? Check all that apply.

  • A detailed analysis of the incident, including root cause and scope
  • Actions taken before, during, and after the event
  • Detailed dates and times
  • A summary of the incident and how long it lasted

14. What is one aspect of post-mortems that are often overlooked?

  • What went wrong
  • The summary
  • Timelines
  • What went well

15. What is the next step after writing a post-mortem report?

  • Share the report with other people on your team and/or other teams
  • Do not disclose the report to anyone
  • Destroy the report
  • Nothing, there are no additional steps after writing the report

16. What does the summary section of a post-mortem cover?

  • Description of the incident, how long it lasted, the impact of the incident, and how it was fixed.
  • list of specific actions that should be taken to avoid the same scenario from happening again.
  • Opening catchphrase and witty remarks to introduce the topic
  • Description of the incident

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