Practice Quiz: Solving Conflicts

10. If you’re making changes to a local branch while another user has also made changes to the remote branch, which command will trigger a merge?

  • git push
  • git pull
  • git rebase
  • git fetch

11. Which of the following is a reason to use rebase instead of merging?

  • When you want to keep a linear commit history
  • When you want a set of commits to be clearly grouped together in history
  • When you are on a public branch
  • When pushing commits to a remote branch

12. Where should we keep the latest stable version of the project?

  • The master branch
  • A separate branch from the master branch
  • The debug branch
  • A remote branch

13. Which of the following statements represent best practices for collaboration? (check all that apply)

  • When working on a big change, it makes sense to have a separate feature branch.
  • You should always rebase changes that have been pushed to remote repos.
  • Always synchronize your branches before starting any work on your own.
  • Avoid having very large changes that modify a lot of different things.

14. What command would we use to change the base of the current branch?

  • git checkout <branchname>
  • git pull
  • git rebase <branchname>
  • git fetch

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