Week 2 – Quality Management And Continuous Improvement – Shuffle Q/A 4

49. As a project manager, you have already identified a process-based problem to improve, found its root cause, and implemented a solution. Now, you take the next step: You monitor the new process to ensure the changes are beneficial to the team. Which DMAIC step are you currently applying?

  • Control
  • Analyze
  • Define
  • Improve

50. You have been assigned to a project as the project manager. From the following options, which best describes your primary task as the project manager?

  • Ensuring that all your projects are completed at the same time
  • To supervise your group of projects
  • Provide centralized management to the group of projects and programs
  • Continuously improving the assigned project

51. What’s the main purpose of holding a retrospective?

  • Encourage improvements that prepare the team for future projects
  • Let stakeholders give feedback so the team can get a different perspective
  • Allow the project manager to explain why the project did or did not succeed
  • Determine why the team missed a milestone and update the client

52. During which step of the quality management process does a project manager evaluate whether or not the project is on track to deliver a high-quality product to the client?

  • Quality planning
  • Quality control
  • Quality action
  • Quality assurance

53. As a project manager, you use the DMAIC framework to improve customer experiences. You identify the resources you need and write a project timeline. What DMAIC step are you applying?

  • Measure
  • Control
  • Define
  • Analyze

54. Your team has reached the end of a two-week sprint. During the sprint, there was a delay with two deliverables. What can you do as the project manager to investigate what the setbacks were?

  • Increase the budget
  • Pick up some of the work
  • Ask a program manager for assistance
  • Hold a retrospective

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