Week 4 – Managing Risks Effectively – Shuffle Q/A 4

49. What are the most common types of risk that can impact projects?

  • Time risks, budget risks, and external risks
  • Budget risks, scope risks, and internal risks
  • Budget risks, internal risks, and external risks
  • Time risks, budget risks, and scope risks

50. A project manager communicates a newly discovered risk to a stakeholder. The project manager sends a direct email to stakeholders and includes “urgent” in the subject line. What level of risk are they likely writing about?

  • Low-level risk
  • Single point of failure risk
  • High-level risk
  • Medium-level risk

51. A project manager writes a risk management plan. Currently, they are working on a description of each risk, its risk rating, and a mitigation plan. What is the name of this section in the risk management plan?

  • Risk register
  • Appendix
  • Header
  • Executive summary

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