Weekly challenge 3: Mockups and high-fidelity prototypes – Shuffle Q/A 2

23. A team of UX designers is excited to create mockups of a responsive website they have been working on. What will the mockups do that wireframes do not do?

  • Identify a target user’s needs and pain points
  • Bring designs to life using visual design elements
  • Incorporate complex interactions and animations
  • Refine a design’s information architecture

24. You are creating a mockup of a food delivery mobile app. While creating the mockup you add in text and decide on a few fonts. What aspect of visual design are you adding?

  • Layouts
  • Typography
  • Symbology
  • Iconography

25. How can designers employ the iconography visual design element to enhance a mockup?

  • Arrange text and images to organize simple user journeys, and make content easy to find
  • Compile images, shapes, and symbols to create an association with a subject or idea
  • Mix, match, and contrast colors and text to communicate a core theme
  • Organize text and typefaces to make language legible, readable, and visually appealing

26. A team of designers is starting to create mockups from wireframes. Should they use the same design tool for the mockups that they used for the wireframes?

  • Yes, and it’s best practice to place the wireframes near the mockups for reference.
  • No, because this is an opportunity to move to a more fully-featured design tool
  • Maybe, but it depends on what the team and the client decide for this project

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