Package and Software Management – Shuffle Q/A 2

40. Which of the following Powershell commands will create a directory called “TestArchive” on your desktop by expanding the file?

  • Compress-Archive -path C:\Users\testuser\Desktop\TestArchive\ ~\Desktop\
  • Create-Archive -path C:\Users\testuser\Desktop\ ~\Desktop\TestArchive\
  • *A: Expand-Archive -path C:\Users\testuser\Desktop\ ~\Desktop\TestArchive\
  • Extract-Archive -path C:\Users\testuser\Desktop\TestArchive\ ~\Desktop\

41. Which of the following Powershell commands will install a software package called “TestPackage” on your system?

  • Install-Package -name TestPackage
  • Get-Package -name TestPackage
  • TestPackage-Install -Chocolatey
  • Find-Package TestPackage -IncludeDependencies

42. Which of the following commands will show you what Linux kernel version you have?

  • show NewKernel
  • uname -r
  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt full-upgrade

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