Other Attacks

13. How can you protect against client-side injection attacks? Check all that apply.

  • Use a SQL database
  • Use data sanitization
  • Utilize strong passwords
  • Use input validation.

14. An attacker uses software that continuously tries different combinations of characters to gain access to something password protected. What kind of attack is this?

  • A brute-force attack
  • A POD (Ping of Death) attack
  • A dictionary attack
  • A baiting attack

15. Which of these are devices that let employees enter buildings and restricted areas and access secured computer systems at any time, day or night?

  • Door locks
  • Equipment locks
  • Badge readers
  • Bollards

16. Two people arrive at a building saying they are repair workers. An employee trusts them and lets them in. As soon as they have access to the building, they hack into a computer and steal confidential information. What kind of attack is this?

  • A tailgating attack
  • A spoofing attack
  • A zero day vulnerability attack
  • A phishing attack

17. Which of these is an XSS (Cross-site scripting) injection attack?

  • An attack where attackers fool an employee into letting them into a restricted area or building
  • An attack that targets a whole website and uses database commands to delete or steal data and run other malicious commands
  • An attack that overloads a system with ICMP echo requests to overwhelm it, and to prevent legitimate users from accessing it.
  • An attack that inserts malicious code into a website and targets the users of a service

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