Practice Quiz: Monitoring & Alerting

6. What is a Service Level Agreement?

  • An agreement between the user and developer.
  • A strict commitment between a provider and a client.
  • An agreement between service providers.
  • A guarantee of service quality.

7. What is the most important aspect of an alert?

  • It must be actionable.
  • It must require a human to be notified.
  • It must require immediate action.
  • It must precisely describe the cause of the issue.

8. Which part of an HTTP message from a web server is useful for tracking the overall status of the response and can be monitored and logged?

  • A triggered alert
  • The data pushed back to the client
  • Metrics sent from the server
  • The response code in the server’s message

9. To set up a new alert, we have to configure the _____ that triggers the alert.

  • Condition
  • Metric
  • Incident
  • Service Level Objective (SLO)

10. When we collect metrics from inside a system, this is known as ______ monitoring.

  • White-box
  • Black-box
  • Network
  • Log

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