Project Management Terminology: 1

The individual responsible for planning, executing, and controlling the project.

Example: The project manager coordinates the activities of the team, manages risks, and ensures project milestones are met.

A senior stakeholder who provides support and resources for the project.

Example: A sponsor from the organization’s management who approves project funding and facilitates decision-making.

The processes and activities to ensure that the project meets the specified quality standards.

Example: Conducting quality audits and inspections to verify adherence to quality requirements in a construction project.

The process of acquiring goods or services from external suppliers or vendors.

Example: Procuring construction materials or hiring subcontractors for a building project.

The processes to ensure timely and effective communication among project stakeholders.

Example: Holding regular project status meetings or using project management software for collaboration.

The processes to estimate, budget, and control project costs.

Example: Creating a cost baseline and tracking actual expenses against the planned budget.

The processes to estimate, schedule, and control project activities to meet deadlines.

Example: Developing a project schedule using techniques like Critical Path Method (CPM) or Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT).

The processes to identify, acquire, and manage project resources such as people, equipment, and materials.

Example: Assigning team members to specific tasks based on their skills and availability.

The processes to identify, engage, and manage project stakeholders throughout the project life cycle.

Example: Conducting stakeholder analysis and developing strategies to address their needs and concerns.

The processes to coordinate and unify all aspects of the project to ensure project objectives are met.

Example: Developing a project management plan that aligns all project components and integrating the outputs of various project management processes.

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