The Network Layer – Shuffle Q/A 2

40. QoS services are protocols that allow routers to make decisions about which IP datagram may be more important than others. Under which IP header field would QoS details be found?

  • Total length field
  • Identification field
  • Service Type field
  • Fragmentation offset field

41. What is the purpose of an ARP response?

  • To improve authentication security
  • To prevent a flood of UDP packets
  • To let a broadcasting node know what is the MAC address to put into the destination hardware address field
  • To send an ACK message to the broadcasting computer

42. What is one main reason CIDR is helpful in modern networking?

  • CIDR increases network security with no additional resources
  • CIDR simplifies MAC address assignment
  • CIDR lowers the amount of power needed to run a server
  • CIDR allows for more arbitrary network sizes

43. Interior gateway protocols are used by routers in order to share information within a single…

  • subnet
  • autonomous system
  • collision domain
  • destination network

44. How many bits long is an Autonomous System Number (ASN)?

  • 32
  • 8
  • 64
  • 16

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