Week 1 – Data types and structures – Shuffle Q/A 1

11. Internal data is more reliable because it’s clean.

  • True
  • False

12. Structured data is likely to be found in which of the following formats? Select all that apply.

  • Audio file
  • Digital photo
  • Spreadsheet
  • Table

13. A Boolean data type must have a numeric value.

  • True
  • False

14. In long data, separate columns contain the values and the context for the values, respectively. What does each column contain in wide data?

  • A specific constraint
  • A specific data type
  • A unique data variable
  • A unique format

15. Fill in the blank: Data transformation enables data analysts to change the _____ of the data.

  • value
  • structure
  • accuracy
  • meaning

16. Continuous data is measured and has a limited number of values.

  • True
  • False

17. Which of the following values are examples of a Boolean data type? Select all that apply.

  • True or false
  • Yes, no, or unsure
  • Yes or no
  • One, two, or three

18. If you have a short time frame for data collection and need an answer immediately, you likely will have to use historical data.

  • True
  • False

Shuffle Q/A 2

19. Which of the following is an example of continuous data?

  • Leading actors in movie
  • Box office returns
  • Movie run time
  • Movie budget

20. Which of the following questions collect nominal qualitative data? Select all that apply.

  • How likely are you to recommend this restaurant to a friend?
  • Is this your first time dining at this restaurant?
  • Have you heard of our frequent diner program?
  • Did anyone recommend our restaurant to you today?

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