Week 3 – Measure the success of marketing campaigns – Shuffle Q/A 3

37. A digital marketer’s overall marketing goal is to increase sales revenue. They set a micro-conversion performance goal of increasing newsletter sign-ups by 15%. Why would the marketer create this micro-conversion performance goal?

  • Every campaign requires a micro and macro conversion performance goal.
  • Every campaign requires broad, long-term goals that contribute to the overall success of a company.
  • A micro conversion indicates that a customer is moving towards completing a purchase.
  • A micro conversion indicates that a customer has purchased from a company before.

38. How does a digital marketer calculate ROAS?

  • Divide the revenue generated by customers over a certain period of time by the revenue generated by the campaign.
  • Add the total net income to the sales revenue, divided by the amount lost on marketing.
  • Calculate the revenue generated, divided by the amount spent on advertising.
  • Subtract the marketing cost from the total sales growth and then divide the result by the net income.

39. A marketer measures the ratio of money made to money spent for a campaign. Which calculation for the campaign’s return on investment will help them determine this?

  • (customer LTV – sales growth) / marketing cost
  • (customer LTV – marketing cost) / sales growth
  • (sales growth – marketing cost) / customer LTV
  • (sales growth – marketing cost) / marketing cost

40. What should a digital marketer document in order to prepare for an A/B test? Select all that apply.

  • Loss predictions
  • Desired improvement
  • Performance metric that will be used
  • Past performance

41. What will a digital marketer use to conduct an A/B test?

  • Editable documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Customer surveys
  • Software tools

42. Which is a positive outcome of conducting A/B tests?

  • Increased web traffic that generates leads and guarantees repeat customers
  • Reduced ad spend by minimizing return on investment
  • Improved customer experiences through redesigned web pages that have been tested
  • Added online applications that determine the best software variants

43. A digital marketer uses A/B testing to compare two direct-response ads. What positive outcome are they likely to experience after implementing the results of the test?

  • They will earn one free A/B test.
  • They will increase the company’s budget.
  • They will meet performance goals.
  • They will have guaranteed sales growth.

44. Which are examples of marketing success indicators for a campaign? Select all that apply.

  • Decrease the amount of traffic to the website
  • Improve online sales by doubling the average order value
  • Grow private consumer accounts
  • Increase the number of leads

45. A digital marketer uses software tools to perform A/B tests. Which of the following does this enable them to do?

  • Create generic web pages with machine learning
  • Test for only a single touch point in the customer journey
  • Test website content to understand what works best for the visitors
  • Identify what content is in the best interest of the company

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