Week 4 – Course challenge – Shuffle Q/A 2

31. Scenario 2, continued

Tayen informs you that she’s thinking about inviting anyone who donated at least $100 in 2018, as well. However, she only has five open spaces. She asks you to report how many people gave at least $100 so she can determine if they can also be invited to the event.

What is the correct syntax to count how many donations of $100 or greater appear in Column O (Contributions 2018)?

  • =COUNTIF(O2:O210,”>=100″)
  • =COUNTIF(O2:O210>=100)
  • =COUNTIF(O2:O210,>=100)
  • =COUNTIF(O2:O210″>=100″)

32. Scenario 1, continued

You notice that many cells in the city column, Column K, are missing a value. So, you use the zip codes to research the correct cities. Now, you want to add the cities to each donor’s row. However, you are concerned about making a mistake, such as a spelling typo.

What spreadsheet tool allows you to control what can and cannot be entered in your worksheet in order to avoid typos?

  • List
  • Find
  • Data validation

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