Week 6 – Course challenge – Shuffle Q/A 2

23. Scenario 1 continued

Now that you’re familiar with the data, you want to build trust with the team at Garden.

What data-security measures do you employ? Select all that apply.

  • Add passwords to files
  • Make personal copies of client files
  • Assign user permissions for files
  • Change their file naming conventions

24. Scenario 1, questions 1-5

You’ve been working at a data analytics consulting company for the past six months. Your team helps restaurants use their data to better understand customer preferences and identify opportunities to become more profitable.

To do this, your team analyzes customer feedback to improve restaurant performance. You use data to help restaurants make better staffing decisions and drive customer loyalty. Your analysis can even track the number of times a customer requests a new dish or ingredient in order to revise restaurant menus.

Currently, you’re working with a vegetarian sandwich restaurant called Garden. The owner wants to make food deliveries more efficient and profitable. To accomplish this goal, your team will use delivery data to better understand when orders leave Garden, when they get to the customer, and overall customer satisfaction with the orders.

Before project kickoff, you attend a discovery session with the vice president of customer experience at Garden. He shares information to help your team better understand the business and project objectives. As a follow-up, he sends you an email with datasets.

Click below to read the email:

And click below to access the datasets:

Reviewing the data enables you to describe how you will use it to achieve your client’s goals. First, you notice that all of the data is first-party data, which means that it was collected from outside sources.

  • True
  • False

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