Wireless Security

8. What are some weaknesses of the WEP scheme? Select all that apply.

  • Its poor key generation methods
  • Its small IV pool size
  • Its use of ASCII characters for passphrases
  • Its use of the RC4 stream cipher

9. What symmetric encryption algorithm does WPA2 use?

  • AES
  • DSA
  • DES
  • RSA

10. How can you reduce the likelihood of WPS brute-force attacks? Check all that apply.

  • Use a very long and complex passphrase.
  • Update firewall rules.
  • Implement lockout periods for incorrect attempts.
  • Disable WPS.

11. Select the most secure WiFi security configuration from below:

  • WPA enterprise
  • WPA2 personal
  • WEP 128 bit
  • WPA personal
  • None
  • WPA2 enterprise

12. What process authenticates clients to a network?

  • WPA2
  • TKIP
  • Four-way handshake

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