Authentication, Authorization, Accounting Quiz – Shuffle Q/A 1

31. Which of the following are examples of "something you have" for multifactor authentication? Select all that apply.

  • RSA SecureID token
  • One-Time-Password (OTP)
  • Password
  • PING

32. Fill in the blank: In addition to the client being authenticated by the server, certificate authentication also provides _____.

  • server authentication
  • malware protection
  • authorization
  • integrity

33. Which of these are examples of an access control system? Select all that apply.

  • OpenID
  • OAuth

34. Which of the following are types of one-time-password tokens? Select all that apply.

  • Password-based
  • Counter-based
  • Identity-based
  • Time-based

35. Fill in the blank: Security Keys are more ideal than OTP generators because they are resistant to _____ attacks.

  • password
  • DDoS
  • brute force
  • phishing

36. How might a user protect the data on their mobile device if it is lost or stolen?

  • Refrain from updating apps
  • Remote wipes
  • Reporting the loss to an IT support specialist
  • Keep a spare device with all your data

37. Access control entries can be created for what types of file system objects? Select all that apply.

  • Files
  • APIs
  • Programs
  • Folders

38. Fill in the blank: Authorization is concerned with determining _____ to resources.

  • eligibility
  • access
  • identity
  • validity

39. Fill in the blank: Security Keys utilize a secure challenge-and-response authentication system, which is based on _____.

  • symmetric encryption
  • steganography
  • public key cryptography
  • shared secrets

40. What is used to request access to services in the Kerberos process?

  • Client-to-Server ticket
  • Ticket Granting Ticket
  • TGS session key
  • Client ID

Shuffle Q/A 2

41. What are the benefits of using a Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication service? Select all that apply.

  • One set of credentials for the user
  • Reduce time spent on re-authenticating to services
  • The need for multiple passwords
  • Reduce overhead of password assistance

42. Fill in the blank: In the world of AAA security, “authn” is short for _____.

  • authentication
  • authorization
  • authored
  • authoritarian

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