Authentication, Authorization, Accounting Quiz – Shuffle Q/A 2

43. Fill in the blank: Kerberos enforces strict _____ requirements. Otherwise, authentication will fail.

  • AES
  • strong password
  • LDAP
  • time

44. Consider the following scenario: A company is utilizing Google Business applications for their marketing department. These applications should be able to temporarily access a user's email account to send links for review. Why should the company use Open Authorization (OAuth) in this situation?

  • Gain access through a wireless access point
  • Compatibility with third party apps
  • Administer multiple network devices
  • Utilize a Key Distribution Center server

45. What does a Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Plus (TACACS+) keep track of? Select all that apply.

  • Commands that were run
  • Bandwidth and resource usage
  • Systems users authenticated to
  • Track user authentication

46. What is a client certificate used for?

  • To authenticate the CA
  • To authenticate the client
  • To authenticate the subordinate CA
  • To authenticate the server

47. Consider the following scenario: A network admin wants to use a Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) protocol to allow 5 user accounts to connect company laptops to an access point in the office. These are generic users and will not be updated often. Which of these internal sources would be appropriate to store these accounts in?

  • Active Directory
  • LDAP
  • Flat file
  • SQL database

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