6. What will happen if you plug in a 220v appliance into a 120v outlet?

  • The appliance could get damaged
  • The outlet could get damaged
  • The device will charge at a slower rate and could cause deterioration over time.
  • Nothing will happen

7. What are two common types of CPU sockets?

  • Qualcomm and LGA
  • LGA and PGA
  • Intel and AMD
  • AMD and PGA


8. What is the most common form factor for motherboards?

  • Peripherals
  • I/O
  • ATX
  • PCI Express


9. Which characteristics differentiate a Solid State Drive (SSD) from a Hard Disk Drive (HDD)? Select all that apply.

  • High RPMs
  • Greater durability
  • Non-moving parts
  • Uses Disk Platters

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