Starting It Up

10. What function does the POST perform in a computer?

  • Tells the CPU how to run individual devices
  • Stores the BIOS
  • Figures out what hardware is on the computer and makes sure it is running properly
  • Stores basic data like the date and the startup method.


11. What function does the BIOS perform?

  • Initializes hardware and loads up drivers
  • Installs drivers
  • Keeps data when the power is turned off
  • Stores temporary data while the computer is on

12. Where are the BIOS settings stored?

  • Hard drive
  • CMOS
  • RAM
  • Flash drive


13. What function does a driver perform on the computer?

  • Stores basic data about the computer like the date, time, and startup methods
  • Stores the BIOS for the motherboard
  • Initializes the computer and gets it up and running
  • Teaches the CPU how to run an external device

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