Computer Architecture

6. What does the hardware layer in computer architecture include?

  • Operating system
  • Software applications
  • Physical components of a computer
  • How the computer is maintained, operated, and programmed


7. What are the four main layers of computer architecture?

  • Hardware, Operating System, Software, User 
  • Hardware, Windows, Software, User
  • Computer, Operating System, Software, User
  • Binary, Hardware, Operating System, Software


8. Which layer deals with how humans interact with computers?

  • Operating System
  • Software
  • User
  • Hardware

9. What’s a critical aspect of working as an IT support professional?

  • Designing and creating complex programs
  • The human element
  • Building computers
  • Understanding how operating systems work

10. Which layers deal with how humans interact with computers? Select all that apply

  • Operating System
  • User
  • Software
  • Hardware

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