Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

11. Which of the following need to be configured for a computer to operate on a modern network? Check all that apply.

  • A TCP port
  • An IP address
  • A name server
  • A MAC address


12. When using Fixed Allocation DHCP, what is used to determine a computer's IP?

  • An A Record
  • A subnet mask
  • A MAC address
  • Location


13. The process by which a client, configured to use DHCP, attempts to get network configuration information is known as _________________.

  • DHCP Discovery
  • DHCP Request
  • DHCP Acknowledgement
  • DHCP Offer


14. Which of the following are ways a DHCP can operate? Select all that applies.

  • Dynamic allocation
  • ARP
  • CIDR
  • Fixed allocation

15. DHCP is a protocol of which layer?

  • Application layer
  • Network Layer
  • Transport layer
  • Physical layer


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