Managing Processes

6. Which of the following tools can help you gather information about the processes running on a Windows operating system?

  • The tasklist utility from a command prompt
  • The Task Manager
  • The Get-Process commandlet from a PowerShell prompt
  • All of the above

7. If you restart a process using the Process Explorer utility, what will the new parent of that process be?

  • Momanddad.exe
  • Process Explorer
  • Windows.exe
  • Cmd.exe

8. Which signal is used to resume the execution of a process?


9. What is a common way to troubleshoot mobile apps running in the background that slow down a mobile device’s performance?

  • Upgrade the phone to a newer model
  • Close out the background apps in the app switcher
  • Charge the phone
  • Exit out of the app that is currently open

10. What is a utility Microsoft created to let IT support specialists, systems administrators, and other users look at running processes?

  • UID
  • Task Manager
  • Process Explorer

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