File, Print, and Platform Services

5. What is the name of a protocol that lets users share files over a network?

  • CUPS
  • Apache
  • DNS
  • NFS

6. Which two of these methods could you use to set up printing in an organization?

  • Setting up a print server
  • Using a Cloud service to set up printers
  • Using MySQL – MySQL is a common database. Setting up a print server and using Cloud services are methods to set up printing.
  • Using FAT32

7. When you have a web server, what service is used to enable HTTP requests to be processed?

  • The web server
  • A database server
  • An HTTP server
  • HTTP status codes

8. Fill in the blank: You can use a(n) ______________to store large amounts of customer data for a website.

  • DNS server
  • NFS server
  • HTTP server
  • database server

9. What is software that can modify, steal or delete data, and is a threat to the practice of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)?

  • DLP software
  • MFA software
  • MDM software
  • Malware

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