Network Services – Shuffle Q/A 1

28. Which of the following is a potential negative (con) of virtualization compared to using dedicated hardware?

  • Maintenance
  • Cost
  • Points of failure
  • Performance

29. A sysadmin wants to use preboot execution over a network. Which type of server will the sysadmin likely use to administer operating system installation files?

  • A DNS server
  • An FTP server
  • An SFTP server
  • A TFTP server

30. PuTTY in Windows is similar to which Linux tool?

  • CLI
  • SSH
  • RDP
  • Virtualization

31. Which of the following are reasons for using DNS? Select all that apply.

  • It maps names humans can understand to IP addresses.
  • It maps local addresses to simple names without editing hosts files.
  • It lets users remotely operate computers from miles away.
  • It improves network throughput.

32. What does DHCP do?

  • DHCP sets up an authoritative DNS server a network.
  • DHCP assigns IP addresses to computers on a network.
  • DHCP maps domain names to IP addresses.
  • DHCP keeps the clock synchronized on machines connected to a network.

33. You are the sole IT professional at your company and you need to know how many users or computers are in your organization. Which of the following services helps manage users in your company?

  • Physical infrastructure services
  • Platform services
  • Network services
  • Directory services

34. Which of the following are typically included with server operating systems to help optimize server functionality? Select all that apply.

  • Allow more network connections
  • Added security
  • More RAM capacity
  • A simplified user interface

35. What is a type of tool a client could use to access a server and transfer files?

  • A DNS server
  • IaaS
  • An FTP Client
  • A server operating system

36. You are setting up a website for your company. You have purchased a domain name for the site and have decided to host your web content yourself. What might you need to set up to point your new domain name to where web content is located?

  • An authoritative DNS server
  • A TFTP server
  • A VNC client
  • A proxy server

37. A website is inaccessible via its URL. You've pinged the site and see no problem there. What is the next troubleshooting step?

  • Ping localhost
  • Use nslookup in the terminal to rule out DNS issues
  • Turn the device off and on again
  • Access host file and check for inconsistencies

Shuffle Q/A 2

38. Which service gives access to pre-configured virtual machines that can be used like physical servers?

  • DaaS
  • IaaS
  • SaaS
  • PaaS

39. What happens when you virtualize a server?

  • It provides access to software maintained on the Cloud.
  • It provides remote access to other computers in another part of the world.
  • It puts many instances on a single physical server.
  • It keeps all the machines on a network synchronized.

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