Networking Devices

6. Which of these allows connections from many devices and inspects the contents of ethernet protocol data?

  • A cable
  • A hub
  • A switch
  • A collision domain

7. What does LAN stand for?

  • Local area network
  • Locally available network
  • Large area network
  • Little area network


8. What's a router?

  • A physical layer device that prevents crosstalk
  • A device that knows how to forward data between independent networks.
  • A physical layer device that allows connections for many computers at once
  • A more advanced version of a switch


9. Which of these is a server?

  • A device operating on the data link layer that connects many devices together inspects ethernet protocol data
  • Something providing data to something requesting the data
  • A device that forwards data between multiple networks
  • Something receiving data from something providing data


10. What kind of wiring is in cables that communicate in voltage changes that are received by the receiving device as ones and zeros?

  • Gold
  • Fiber
  • Aluminum
  • Copper


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