7. True or false: You can create a network with two computers.

  • True
  • False


8. Which of these addresses identify a computer on the network?

  • WWW and IP addresses
  • ISPs and IP addresses
  • AC address and IP address
  • MAC address and IP address

9. What is a networking stack?

  • Radios and antennas that connect to wireless networks.
  • A set of hardware or software that provides networking infrastructure for a computer.
  • A tool that connects lots of different devices together and helps route network traffic.
  • Cables containing glass fibers that move data through light.

10. Which protocol is responsible for delivering packets to the right computers?

  • FTP
  • HTTP
  • TCP
  • IP

11. What type of address do computers use to find something on a network?

  • IP address
  • MAC address
  • ISP address
  • URL address

12. You want to register the domain name, but the registration service is not allowing you to do that. What's the most likely reason for this?

  • You are not the legal owner of ABC Company.
  • This domain name is already registered to someone else.
  • Domain names must end in “.com”.
  • Domain names must be all in lowercase.

13. What was the name of the earliest version of the Internet?

  • World Wide Web
  • TCP/IP Network
  • NAT

14. You need to update your router settings, so you log into the administration panel, whose Internet Protocol (IP) address is Which IP version is this?

  • IPv6
  • IPv1
  • IPv2
  • IPv4

15. Which problem does IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) help to solve?

  • Internet Protocol versions prior to version 6 haven’t achieved widespread use.
  • There are less than 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses, which has already been exceeded with existing websites.
  • IPv5 is an outdated protocol version with insufficient security safeguards.
  • Companies waste hundreds of public IP addresses. With IPv6, they can use just one IP address.

16. Which concept deals with connecting devices like smart refrigerators and smart thermostats to the internet?

  • HTTP
  • IPv6
  • IoT
  • NAT

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17. How many computers do you need to build a network?

  • 20
  • 1
  • 100
  • 2

18. You are having trouble connecting to the Internet, so you call your Service Provider for help. They need to know the permanent unique identifier address of your specific device so they can help troubleshoot it. What address are they asking for?

  • IP address
  • MAC address
  • URL address
  • ISP address

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