Test your knowledge of design fidelity

11. What are the key elements of a storyboard? Select all that apply.

  • Theme
  • Narrative
  • Character
  • Plot
  • Scene

12. Which of the following scenarios would be most appropriate to use a big picture storyboard?

  • You start the design process for a new grocery delivery app. You want to pitch some ideas to the team about how the user could use it and benefit from it.
  • You create a tool that connects auto mechanics with local auto parts stores to check product availability in real-time. You want to test the app for possible connection issues.
  • You create a new homepage for a news site. You need to show the details of the product and what happens during each step of the user experience.

Test your knowledge of design fidelity

13. Fill in the blank: Wireframes establish the basic _____ of a page and serve as an outline of a digital experience.

  • images
  • structure
  • text
  • functional specifications

14. Which of the design fidelity types would you use if you need to get ideas out quickly while leaving room open for exploration?

  • Medium-fidelity design
  • Low-fidelity design
  • High-fidelity design

15. Identify characteristics of a low-fidelity (lo-fi) design. Select all that apply.

  • Low-fi designs use simple shapes and lines
  • Lo-fi designs are highly refined and polished
  • Low-fi designs are often used to get ideas out quickly.
  • Lo-fi designs include graphics and images

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