Week 3 – Working effectively with stakeholders – Shuffle Q/A 2

25. As a project manager, you are prioritizing stakeholders with a power grid. One stakeholder has low power and low interest. What level of engagement should the team have with the stakeholder?

  • Monitor
  • Manage closely
  • Meet their needs
  • Show consideration

26. Who is responsible for the team's overall success and the project as a whole?

  • Project manager
  • Project sponsor
  • Primary stakeholder
  • Product lead

27. Which of the following people are likely to be primary stakeholders in a project? Select all that apply.

  • The project sponsor
  • The project team
  • Business competitors
  • The project client

28. Which of the following activities are steps in a stakeholder analysis? Select all that apply.

  • Assess each stakeholder’s reputation and level of experience
  • List the stakeholders impacted by the project
  • Assess each stakeholder’s level of interest and influence
  • Determine which stakeholders should be excluded from the project

29. What is the main benefit of making a RACI chart?

  • Illustrates all of the potential risks and opportunities for success
  • Assess each stakeholder’s ability to participate and build necessary partnerships
  • Determines which stakeholders should fill which roles during a project
  • Helps set SMART goals

30. In what two ways do RACI charts help project managers communicate effectively with stakeholders?

  • Eliminate confusion and overlapping work at the task level
  • Reveal which stakeholders have the greatest interest in the project
  • Reduce the number of people who need to communicate
  • Map out each person’s roles and responsibilities

31. You are creating a new team to complete a project. In order to choose the right people, what is the first task to complete?

  • Make a list of the roles required to complete the tasks
  • Make a list of people who are interested in the project
  • Make a list of stakeholders and their priorities
  • Make a list of all team members in the company

32. Who is responsible for overseeing the scope, schedule, budget, and quality of a project?

  • Primary stakeholders
  • Project manager
  • Product lead
  • Project sponsor

33. As a project manager, you are defining the goals and outcomes for a project. Who should help you with this?

  • Minor players
  • Stakeholders
  • Team members
  • Project vendors

34. What role does the project manager assign to those executing project tasks?

  • Project sponsors
  • Project managers
  • Secondary stakeholders
  • Project team members

Shuffle Q/A 3

35. What type of chart is a visual representation of all stakeholders in a project?

  • Project task chart
  • Project budget summary
  • RACI chart
  • Stakeholder analysis chart

36. What is the first step in a stakeholder analysis?

  • Determine each stakeholder’s level of interest
  • List the stakeholders impacted by the project
  • Assess each stakeholder’s ability to participate and find ways to involve them
  • Determine each stakeholder’s level of influence

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