Week 3 – Working effectively with stakeholders – Shuffle Q/A 1

13. What is one of the main ways primary and secondary stakeholders can help in the planning stages of a project?

  • To complete and execute tasks
  • To define project goals and outcomes 
  • To create charts and visuals for the team
  • To conduct a stakeholder analysis for the project

14. What group often provides the technical skills required for a project?

  • Project team members
  • Project manager.
  • Primary stakeholders
  • Secondary stakeholders

15. Fill in the blank: Stakeholder analysis is the process of identifying stakeholders and grouping them by _____.

  • interest and influence
  • seniority and experience
  • availability and participation
  • talents and skills

16. As a project manager, you complete a stakeholder analysis and make a list of all the stakeholders. What is often the next step?

  • Determine the level of interest and influence for each stakeholder
  • Schedule a meeting with all stakeholders
  • Make a budget to determine how much each stakeholder should invest
  • Assign tasks to each stakeholder

17. Which of the following is true of someone who is accountable in a RACI chart?

  • Ensures the work gets completed
  • Learns about tasks when they are complete
  • Carries out the work to complete the tasks
  • Gives feedback according to their subject matter expertise

18. As a project manager creating a team, what is an important step that enables team members to complete tasks?

  • Ensure each team member has the necessary skills to complete the tasks
  • Ensure all team members are able to effectively communicate with stakeholders
  • Ensure all team members have an interest in the project
  • Ensure all team members are friendly and nice

19. As a project manager, you’re prioritizing stakeholders with a power grid. One stakeholder has high power and low interest. What level of engagement should the team have with the stakeholder?

  • Manage closely
  • Meet their needs
  • Show consideration
  • Monitor

20. Which of the following is a title given to the director responsible for the successful outcome of a project?

  • The project sponsor
  • The project manager
  • The team member
  • The client

21. Which responsibilities belong to project team members?

  • Use technical expertise and interpersonal skills to complete day-to-day tasks
  • Report project findings and progress to the project sponsor
  • Make sure the project fulfills its objective and supports the overall business strategy
  • Oversee the scope, schedule, budget, and quality of a project

22. What does the acronym RACI stand for?

  • Responsible, Appeased, Consulted, Interested
  • Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed
  • Responsible, Accountable, Considered, Informed
  • Responsible, Accountable, Considered, Interested

Shuffle Q/A 2

23. As a project manager, you have a team member who is a subject matter expert and will answer questions as needed during the execution of the project. What role will this person be assigned in a RACI chart?

  • Consulted
  • Informed
  • Responsible
  • Accountable

24. As a project manager, you make considerations when building a team. You decide how many people should be on the team, if they have the time to work on the project, and if they have a personal incentive to work on the project. What else should you consider when building a team?

  • Necessary skills for the project
  • Likelihood of project success
  • Team member communication preferences
  • Degree of stakeholder engagement

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