Week 3 – Working effectively with stakeholders – Shuffle Q/A 3

37. In a RACI chart, how many people should be designated as accountable?

  • Two
  • Four
  • Three
  • One

38. As a project manager, you make considerations when building a team. You decide how many people should be on the team, if they have the time to work on the project, and what expertise each team member needs for their tasks. What else should you consider when building a team?

  • Degree of project sponsor engagement
  • Likelihood of project success
  • Team member motivation
  • Whether the project has a strong business case

39. A stakeholder needs additional time to make a decision on a project. What communication steps can a project manager make to help the stakeholder make their decision? Select all that apply.

  • Over-communicate early on
  • Start the work before the stakeholder makes a decision and confirm the decision later
  • Hold frequent meetings with the stakeholder
  • Send daily updates in progress emails

40. Does the project sponsor fund the project?

  • Yes. The project sponsor plays a vital leadership role, which always includes funding the project.
  • No. The project sponsor plays a vital leadership role but does not fund the project.
  • Sometimes. The project sponsor plays a vital leadership role, which sometimes includes funding the project.

41. When conducting a stakeholder analysis, what does interest measure?

  • How many meetings the stakeholder participates in
  • How much money the stakeholder has invested in the project
  • How much the project outcome will affect the stakeholder
  • How much the stakeholder’s actions affect project outcome

42. As a project manager, you create a chart to assign roles and responsibilities for the team. What type of chart are you creating?

  • RACI chart
  • Stakeholder analysis chart
  • Team analysis chart
  • SBI chart

43. As a project manager, you make a list of tasks required to complete a project. You decide on the number of team members required to complete the tasks. What is the next step to decide in building the team?

  • Gauge the interest of each team member
  • Provide sponsorship for the team members
  • Assign roles for each team member
  • Determine the business value of the project

44. As a project manager, you’re prioritizing stakeholders with a power grid. You have a stakeholder you will need to manage closely. Where will you place this person in the power grid?

  • High interest, low influence
  • High interest, high influence
  • Low interest, high influence
  • Low interest, low influence

45. Who are likely to be secondary stakeholders on a project?

  • Project contractors
  • Project managers
  • Team members
  • Project sponsors

46. What is the purpose of a stakeholder analysis?

  • Determine which stakeholders to exclude from a project
  • Talk to stakeholders and learn about their interests
  • Meet with stakeholders to make major project decisions
  • Identify stakeholders and determine their involvement in a project

Shuffle Q/A 4

47. What does a power grid represent when conducting a stakeholder analysis?

  • A power grid determines the stakeholders’ roles based on their position on the grid
  • A power grid visualizes how many tasks each stakeholder can complete
  • A power grid determines out accomplishments of each stakeholder
  • A power grid visualizes each stakeholder’s interest and influence in the project

48. How often should communication happen with project sponsors?

  • Throughout the closing phase of the project
  • Only at the execution of a project
  • Only at the beginning and end of a project
  • Throughout all phases of the project

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